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The Mafia’s Victim – Wayne B. Warrington Sr

When a contract for murder is given, the whole family become the victims.

Today marks the 40th year of the loss of my father. I think of that time in my life, it seems like yesterday

They say time heals all wounds, however I am convinced that time is not the healing element. It is faith, hope and love.

On May 10th, 1971 the loss of my father was not by illness, nor accident, nor act of God, it was simply an act of choice. He had the choice the next day of testifying on Capitol Hill against organized crime and then living in a witness protection program.  While en route to testify he disappeared and never heard from again. His choice was selfless and one of great personal sacrifice in order to protect his family.

Many people ask me why I am dedicated to the protection of the American consumer from fraud and misuse of the trust they place with our government and public corporations. The answer is simple. I had great mentors. My father instill in me the desire to serve and protect, not as a law enforcement officer but as a consumer advocate. My mother, bless her soul, was one of God’s precious children who showed love to all, took into our home those in need and fostered faith, hope and love with all that she did in life. Two greater mentors certainly did not exist for me.

The story of my father’s disappearance and the investigation that ensued by local, state and Federal authorities including the FBI, the Secret Service and other agencies, during the course of the 1970s was front page news. Now his story is simply a memory of time passed for most, yet for me I replay the course of my investigation into his disappearance on a regular basis.

When people asked if I could go back in time to change the past, my answer is certainly no. I have four incredibly wonderful children and a life where I feel truly blessed to be of service to others. I also know that my life today is based upon the decision that my father made that faithful day to save the lives of his family at the expense of his own.

He lost his life for his principals, his integrity and for protection of the American public over a laundry detergent that was harmful to the environment and to the consumers that used it. Wayne B Warrington NY Times 1971 Case

During the course of my investigation and that of the US Senate, it was determined that two other innocent men were killed by this twist of fate and by their decisions to be whistle blowers over the involvement of organized crime within the detergent company.  The irony is the money involved. According to the testimony of one of the business leaders within the company, they were paying $2,156.25 a month for the “sales” support of the crime family.

I am saddened when I think of the fact that once my father was no longer considered a threat, the mafia used his death as a warning to the next in authority to return the detergent to the store shelves.

If we do not stand up against all wrongs in life, if we do not stand together to fight injustice, then what do we truly stand for?

God bless you Mom and Dad, may you rest in peace and know your family will always remember your sacrifice for us and for those you served in life.

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