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Wayne’s Take… 2017 Tax Bill

Good, Bad & the Ugly

After listening to all the debates over the tax bill which just passed the House and is headed to the Senate tonight or tomorrow, I have to start with the Ugly!  Washington DC politics has not changed much at all.  The two parties are so divided and slinging insults and mud at one another it seems like more of a Reality TV Show then it does our elected officials doing what they were hired to do.   

Let’s face it…. we need change in this country and we need it bad.   Today as Nancy Pelosi blasted the Republicans for passing “ramming through” a 500 page Tax Bill which she says is …”stealing from our children, and they will all regret it in the next few years”… I had a flashback to the 2000+ page Obama Care Bill which was pushed through with very few congressional leaders being able to read it, much less understand it, only to find it was going to destroy our small business owners and double or even triple the cost of healthcare to our middle-class income families.  That was the Democrats in their finest hour and our National debt has doubled during the past 8 years.  Of course many would point to the National Debt doubled under George W as well.  I guess what they may not be taking into consideration is the impact 9/11 had on our country debt wise.

Ok… so much for the ugly, now for the Bad!                 

We are in a terrible position and just like small business owners I know that are upside down with their business equity, our country has to make changes to right the ship before it sinks.  This righting of the ship, changing our course is a slow process and requires a consistent effort and dedication by all Americans to be a part of the process.  So the Bad is simply this.  There is NO magic pill, no single legislative bill that will change it all and put us back on track. And it will take time… 5 to 10 years is my take on how long before we see the real results.  However by biting the bullet now and making these corrections, by reinvesting into our infrastructure and in our small businesses, we will see the America many of us grew up to believe in and see as the greatest nation on earth.

Now for the Good!   The course we are on with deregulating “getting Washington out of our business” and by cutting taxes and bringing health insurance back into a free enterprise market “with minor oversight in the needed areas” is already having a massively positive impact.  For those of you that are not Trump fans and more the likely never will be, well… bite the bullet/your tongue, and realize this.  Small business ownership is on the rise.  It is what made America so great 100 years ago and longer.   And now with a new age of revolution in technology and the Internet becoming the leading resource for consumer sales, i.e. Sears, Radio Shack, and dozens of retailers fading into the sunset of electronic sales, our small business owners will soon become critically important to the future of our economic growth and without the 2017 Tax Reform, we small business owners could NOT do it.

What is the evidence that supports Wayne’s Take on this… well there are hundreds of reports pushing the positives and the negatives of a renewed Reaganomics as proposed by President Trump.  The difference I see is this.  I hear it daily. I feel it with most every business owner I work with.  Over the past 12 months there is a renewed faith and hope in this country of ours and business owners are investing more and spending more because they all felt it too and they all had faith the changes being promise by Donald Trump during his campaign would soon come about.   I found this Time Magazine issue of President Bush and thought… well this is how the country looks at Trump.   Whether you love him or hate him, he is now the President of the Unites States and for one I think giving him a chance to deliver what he promised is exactly what we must do now.  Stop the fighting and let’s make the changes needed… we gave Obama and the Democrats that chance, at least I know I did.  Now it’s Trump’s turn. Fair is fair.  And that’s my take…. God bless us all and the Unites States of America.  Wayne Warrington


Presidential Debate – Who Won 2012

The big question on everyone’s mind is who won tonight’s Presidential debate.

So let me answer this now before it begins.  And as you can see by the posting time… I am writing this before the first answer. The President won.  Why… 1. The Presidency is an institution and the President has the advantage coming into a debate. 2.) He has not told us, up and until now, how he will fix the problems in our country and today I believe he will do so since Mitt Romney will “strategically” not have the ability to counter it. Unfortunately they are now debating, so I must end this now and will be back with the results.

OK, so for the record… I was WRONG!!!!!  67% vs. 25%Presidential Debate 2012 Who Won

Wow, what a massive upset for the President. “He got spanked!”  And keep in mind, I am NOT a democrat nor a big supporter of the Obama re-election campaign. So for me to start off thinking the President was going to walk away the winner tonight was based upon the general starting blocks of the debate itself.

Since the media will be covering every point discussed during the debate, I certainly do not need to rehash the entire debate, however here are my personal moments of wow.

1.  Where was the President’s eyes during the debate. As Romney was speaking, I continued to see the President nodding his head as if agreeing with the statements, however he hardly ever look at the eyes of his opponent.

2.  “They are suffering in this country.” Romney’s expression of the state of affairs with the unemployment and where people are at today. The Governor referred to those in Ohio and in Colorado as a way to connect with those in the critical areas for the debate.

3. Romney came through way better than anticipated.  He proved to Americans that he can handle the job and understands where we are at today and where we need to be.  Did he fully explain his plan? No! So he has more work to do.

The bottom line is this. The debates will be a game changer if the President fails to turn around his performance 180 degrees. This was clearly a win for Romney and potentially for those of us supporting small business owners and a turn around for this country. No matter who wins the election, tonight’s debate certainly was an eye opener for both candidates and if Obama is re-elected, I would like to think this debate gave him a moment to re-think his position with Americans across the board.

I do not plan to continue posts on the election, so for my thoughts on the October 11th VP debate…. I believe Ryan will walk away the winner.  Let’s see if I have better results on the next debate. 🙂