SOTU – Republicans vs Democrats vs America

The State of the Union for 2018 was in my humble opinion the best ever in recent history.  Or was it the worst ever?

I watched with great anticipation as President Trump outlined, from the teleprompter, the state of our union and his vision for unity within America.  I watched with tearful eyes the testimony of many Americans as they recounted their experiences, my heart going out to them while at the same time I could truthfully see the changes coming about in our country that will resolve the problems that were catalysts to the events that created their pain.

With the above I witnessed the BEST SOTU I have seen in decades.

Then came the camera views of the other side of our congressional members.  Those sitting and not standing as the President comments of the return of “In God We Trust” or of the economy boom, or of the low unemployment rates for so many Americans that have felt left out of the employment opportunities here in our great country.   There in those moments seeing the faces of the democratic leaders I witnessed the worst.   You could see defiance.  Like a teenager or young child looking into their parents eyes when being denied that second scoop of ice cream, or the candy before dinner.

Then I watched the Democratic Response from the young Kennedy.  Really?   And then from Senator Bernie Sanders.   And I had to reply to the Senator with the following.

Senator Bernie Sanders SOTU Response

“As a small business owner, as a leader in the business community, as a consumer advocate, and as an individual raised in a family with deep ties to the political machine in Washington, here is my take. Senator Sanders, I can appreciate in part your comments as to the division we have in Washington and the ABSOLUTE need for this division to be eliminated in order for our country to move forward in the most productive and positive way. However, the State of the Union is stronger today, more so than any time in decades, because the Admin is rocking the boat and forcing the status quo mentality out of the political process. We are BACK to business in America and that is what will save us. The only thing standing in the way of total success for America is the division in congress attempting to block or circumvent the changes needed. YOU as a leader in the democratic party can be a voice of reason and a voice for your party, IF you work with the other side of congress and the Admin. I realize that in doing so, you will be reducing the chances for the democrats to place anyone in the White House for the next several elections. However today we can not be concerned with elections, we can ONLY be concerned with the recovery and future of our country. Stop fighting!! Stop pointing fingers!!! Start working together in a constructive and proactive manner to resolve our problems. If not, you become the reason for failure of any progress, as well as each member of congress that votes party lines vs voting for America. Just “my take” on the SOTU. Wayne Warrington, Consumer Advocate”

I must say I am very happy with the direction of our country right now, the growth of our small business community, the reinvestment in the labor and workforce of our Fortune 100 Companies and the return of the greatest we held for over a century.   The true test of Americans for 2018, 2019 and 2020 will be the unity that we find when we come together to eliminate the status quo attitude in Washington DC.   It is WE THE PEOPLE, not we the elected, that America was founded on.   Let’s get back to our roots.  Let’s get back to saving and providing for all Americans FIRST!

Just My Take!  God bless you all.  Wayne Warrington

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Wayne’s Take… 2017 Tax Bill

Good, Bad & the Ugly

After listening to all the debates over the tax bill which just passed the House and is headed to the Senate tonight or tomorrow, I have to start with the Ugly!  Washington DC politics has not changed much at all.  The two parties are so divided and slinging insults and mud at one another it seems like more of a Reality TV Show then it does our elected officials doing what they were hired to do.   

Let’s face it…. we need change in this country and we need it bad.   Today as Nancy Pelosi blasted the Republicans for passing “ramming through” a 500 page Tax Bill which she says is …”stealing from our children, and they will all regret it in the next few years”… I had a flashback to the 2000+ page Obama Care Bill which was pushed through with very few congressional leaders being able to read it, much less understand it, only to find it was going to destroy our small business owners and double or even triple the cost of healthcare to our middle-class income families.  That was the Democrats in their finest hour and our National debt has doubled during the past 8 years.  Of course many would point to the National Debt doubled under George W as well.  I guess what they may not be taking into consideration is the impact 9/11 had on our country debt wise.

Ok… so much for the ugly, now for the Bad!                 

We are in a terrible position and just like small business owners I know that are upside down with their business equity, our country has to make changes to right the ship before it sinks.  This righting of the ship, changing our course is a slow process and requires a consistent effort and dedication by all Americans to be a part of the process.  So the Bad is simply this.  There is NO magic pill, no single legislative bill that will change it all and put us back on track. And it will take time… 5 to 10 years is my take on how long before we see the real results.  However by biting the bullet now and making these corrections, by reinvesting into our infrastructure and in our small businesses, we will see the America many of us grew up to believe in and see as the greatest nation on earth.

Now for the Good!   The course we are on with deregulating “getting Washington out of our business” and by cutting taxes and bringing health insurance back into a free enterprise market “with minor oversight in the needed areas” is already having a massively positive impact.  For those of you that are not Trump fans and more the likely never will be, well… bite the bullet/your tongue, and realize this.  Small business ownership is on the rise.  It is what made America so great 100 years ago and longer.   And now with a new age of revolution in technology and the Internet becoming the leading resource for consumer sales, i.e. Sears, Radio Shack, and dozens of retailers fading into the sunset of electronic sales, our small business owners will soon become critically important to the future of our economic growth and without the 2017 Tax Reform, we small business owners could NOT do it.

What is the evidence that supports Wayne’s Take on this… well there are hundreds of reports pushing the positives and the negatives of a renewed Reaganomics as proposed by President Trump.  The difference I see is this.  I hear it daily. I feel it with most every business owner I work with.  Over the past 12 months there is a renewed faith and hope in this country of ours and business owners are investing more and spending more because they all felt it too and they all had faith the changes being promise by Donald Trump during his campaign would soon come about.   I found this Time Magazine issue of President Bush and thought… well this is how the country looks at Trump.   Whether you love him or hate him, he is now the President of the Unites States and for one I think giving him a chance to deliver what he promised is exactly what we must do now.  Stop the fighting and let’s make the changes needed… we gave Obama and the Democrats that chance, at least I know I did.  Now it’s Trump’s turn. Fair is fair.  And that’s my take…. God bless us all and the Unites States of America.  Wayne Warrington


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The Bait and Switch with Social Media Ads

As you are viewing all your friends posts on Facebook, have your eyes ever been drawn to a posting about a celebrity?

You know a posting that literally draws you in and makes you click just to read about the secrets of their lives!  OK, I’ll admit it… it has happened to me and then I experienced the famous BAIT and SWITCH.  So I thought as a consumer advocate, with 30 years plus of investigating these types of abuses by Advertisers, that I would share with you some of the obvious points and maybe a few of the less obvious ones as to; why this happens, how they are making money off your time and the click by click of your mouse as you strive to uncover the scandal they have baited you with.





The Advertiser finds an old celebrity photo and then a new photo so anyone “everyone” that watches TV or Movies will be curious as to why these photos are being shown together.  They then add a line to capture your interest…. “Brooke Shields Breaks Her Silence on Travolta” 

WOW… what in the world could be so important that she has held this back from the public for so many years?






Travolta wears sun glasses to hide his identity when picking Shields up from her school … NO… REALLY!

Now this Ad was really worth the 30 minutes of reading through…. in order to find out this juicy tid bit. lol   And why 30 minutes of reading?  Well this is where the advertiser makes their money.







In order to get to the whole John Travolta connection with Brooke Shields, you have to click through over 40 pages of TEASER, non related, old news facts about Brooke Shield’s life as a child, a teen and as an adult, and with each CLICK of your mouse to get to the next page, which by the time you are at page 20 you’re praying it comes soon before you die of boredom, your eyes have now been subjected to over 1000 Ads and promotional graphics that are designed to take you on yet another journey and waste another 30 minutes to hours of your time.  All the while…. the advertiser is earning 10 cents, 50 cents, a dollar each time you CLICK CLICK CLICK!

So the point to my article today, which I hope you noticed does NOT include a single Ad or multiple pages to click through, is this.  Please use your mouse responsibly … if we all stay away from these human mouse traps, we may eventually save us all from a life of viewing 1000s of advertisements a day in an endless game of worthless trivia.

There is a “FarSuperior” way to surf the Internet and to find the information you are seeking without all the Ads and scams and malware attacking you from every direction.   One additional thought for you is this…. did you know YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION is worth $20.00 plus on the Internet market?  That’s right!  Each time you fill out a form online with your name, email address, phone or other personal details “the more details the higher value for the information” the advertiser “company” adds $20.00 or more to their asset base. Why?  Because they sell, rent and exchange your information on a regular basis. This is why the PRIVACY POLCY, the TERMS OF USE for each website should be reviewed closely before you hand over your information.  This is why MY policy of use and privacy are simple and easy to read.   I have never sold, traded or rented a single consumer record since being online since 1996.  I hate spam!   And so my promise to the millions of consumers that have used my websites over the past 20 years has been to hold their records in confidence.   This is NOT the case with 98% of the websites on the Internet today… so surf with caution.

If you would like to be a part of stopping these abuses online, contact me through social media on Linkedin or Facebook.   Stay safe and Happy Holidays.   ~Wayne Warrington



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Las Vegas Our Prayers Are With You…

There is nothing more devastating than the loss of life of a family member such as that which we have witnessed yesterday.

Our prayers go out to the families of the victims, to the injured and to all those first responders that helped save many lives in harms way.

It is inconceivable that a person could have such hatred for others, or lack such respect for the life, that they would take lives in this way.

I choose to not post photos of the tragedy, nor of the gunman or even mention his name, for to do so serves to only remind us more of painful and fearful moments created by a madman of such evil intent.  Let us forget his name forever, while remembering the beautiful lives of those we have lost.

I merely wish to ask for all those reading this to pray, in whatever fashion is your way, to ask for God’s His healing of the hearts with all those affected and that His peace be with all of us now as we mourn those lost to us.

May God bless all the victims’ family and friends and to those that laid down their lives to save the lives of others around them.  Amen
John 15:13 “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”


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The World Sits in Judgment

Yet we do not need to join the world in this process.

How often as we are in the midst of a conversation do we hear someone passing judgment upon another. Criticizing the way they dress. Their choice of hairstyles or even the type of work they do.  This seems impossible at times to escape. Judgment after judgment being rendered from individuals that they themselves are flawed to the core.

Least we forget we are fallen. We are imperfect. We are human.

I too have found myself with thoughts which certainly fall short of that which God has directed us to avoid at all cost.  And what is the cost of our thoughts, our comments, our condemnation of others?  Sad but true, the cost is more than anyone of us would ever wish to bear.  Loving the One

As I grew in my faith, as my state of enlightenment developed, I discovered amazing grace and peace as I found myself looking upon others, not by the clothes they wear, the tattoos on  their body, but more as I gazed upon their spirit and the light that shines from their hearts and minds as they pray, as they praise and lift up others around them.

My post today is prompted by the state of affairs we find ourselves embroiled in across the country and even around the world.  There is hatred the in hearts of so many, there is a disconnect within our communities, and there is a loss of compassion for those living without the necessities required to simply exist.

With the recent destruction of our cities and towns through the hurricanes these past few weeks, we have witnessed such amazing compassion and concern for the safety and lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. With the attack on lives and bombings overseas we are seeing outreach once more for those whose lives have been disrupted by the violence that has overtaken those communities.   Why?   Why does it take such devastation, such loss of life, for us to show compassion. We are created with the emotion of love first and foremost.  How we end up allowing fear, anger, jealousy, and violence to become the controlling elements of our lives is beyond imagination.

As I created the graphics with the quote shown above my heart was filled with love for the amazing diversity we share here in America as well as for the beauty that can only be seen at times when you view life through the heavenly realm and not simply through our human condition.  My friends, take a moment to pray for our country, for our communities, and for the world to be filled with the peace that only comes from God and that is witnessed through each of us, one person at a time, one act of faith and of compassion at a time.   May God bless you for your thoughts of compassion for others and for the love you share those around you no matter what their race, color, religion or political affiliation.  We are all ONE!  One with God and one with one another.

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Together we CAN make a difference! Stopping Cancer Now

It is difficult to know where to begin.  With the loss of a dear friend?  The survival of another?  The choices we have and yet do not make?  The underfunded research and programs that are needed to stop cancer from taking lives and destroying the lives of even more?

Let me start here.  With my dear friend of some 30 years, Ron Thompson. Wayne and Ron

Ron has always been an outspoken strong individual that has lived an amazing life in so many ways.  One of these ways is his battle with three (3) forms of cancer.   He survived and today we were able to enjoy lunch together to talk about the journey he has traveled in the treatment and recovery.He is every bit the man I knew of 10, 20 and 30 years ago, yet to him, he has lost a big part of life “not to mention part of a lung” to cancer.  His survival was due to the tremendous advancements in cancer treatment and research.  So to my friend Ron, I dedicate my journey in fighting cancer on June 4th, 2017.


Then there is my friend Robert Melton… my childhood friend for over 40 years, whose passing this year took so many of us by surprise and with our many regrets for the life, we would have loved to see Robert live for decades to come.  Robert was diagnosed with stage four cancer this year and within days was gone.  He was remembered by so many friends and family as being the giver.  Robert MeltonHis famous words… “I’ve got this!”   He gave to everyone and everyone was blessed by his friendship and love.  Yet cancer won and Robert lost, as did we all with his passing.

The interesting common thread with Ron and Robert is and was their love for life, for their friends and the strong cowboy lifestyle. Both these men had met their match with cancer because cancer does not care if you are a strong man, a beautiful woman or an innocent child.  Cancer takes lives or takes your life from you one part at a time.

I am writing to you now, to each of you reading this, to tell you we CAN make a difference, we can stop cancer in its tracks and we can reverse this terrible element in the lives of so many.  However, we must do so together. Through education, lifestyle change and through supporting amazing organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This is why last year as part of the LLS MWOY program I became a part of the LLS family.  This is why in just days from today, I will be riding in the 72 Mile cycling event at Lake Tahoe to raise awareness of the work LLS does for cancer victims and their families and in dedication to the memory of Robert Melton and in honor of my friend Ronald Thompson.

Please join me in this effort by making your tax-deductible donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  My goal is $5,600 and hopefully more through your generous donation.

BTW…. just a note.  If you ever thought cycling was an easy sport or activity well…. let’s just say this is my FIRST attempt at this distance and with 1000 foot inclines and I am thoroughly impressed by those that do this on a regular basis such as our LLS Team in Training Chairperson Jennifer Swanton. This training for the ride is kicking my… back side!

As for when this event is over, I will be returning to Arizona to launch our new Health and Wellness program at our Mesa facilities under the branding of Personal Formula. I truly believe that there is a personal formula for each of us to apply to our life to help us be the best we are meant to be in health, fitness and overall wellness. Thank you for helping us together make this difference.


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The Challenges We Face

ID THEFT OF CONSUMER ADVOCATEThese past 12 months have been challenging to say the least. The wonders of faith though bring us through the fire in one piece.

As most all of us know, ID Theft has become one of the most damaging forms of crime today. With over 15 million victims a year and over $50 billion in damages. This last year I became part of those statistics. My personal ID and my public persona were both stolen from me. I had credit and credit cards issued to a third party using my name and identification and I had my professional image duplicated online and so tens of thousands of consumers across North America were scammed by a man “individuals” that pretended to be me. They used my name, my pictures, my videos, my client testimonials and more to entice consumers to pay them fees for the work I do for free.

I felt violated beyond imagination. I worked tirelessly with my attorneys, law enforcement and other organizations and government departments to put a stop to this criminal’s actions. It took eight months before the dust settled and still the website created by that individual or group was still live on the Internet. Why? Because the website was being maintained on servers in China and the Chinese Government refused to co-operate in taking it down. However, we were fortunate that Google and other private organizations that were being used to perpetuate the scams by this individual or group of individuals came to the table to help minimize the damages to consumers nationwide.




There is nothing more damaging than losing your persona to criminals online.  This type of criminal activity must be stopped.

Attorney General Letter As of 2017 I am working with two of the top organizations for the protection of consumers from ID Theft as well as recovery from the potential damages that consumers would face when their ID and persona have be stolen.

If you would like more information on how to protect yourself from ID Theft and how to help in this fight against cyber criminals, please contact me for my upcoming consumer report ID Theft and your options.

Best Regards, Wayne


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Send Hillary to Jail or Thank Her?


I keep seeing the postings on social media about Trump haters or Hillary belongs in jail.  Photos such as this being posted to continue to drive the divide in our nation and people.

Image result for America will never be great again until Hillary is in jail



America WILL be great again because the silent “and at times sleeping” majority have spoken. Clinton and Obama attacked America with a self serving agenda for the past eight years, just as many from the other side of the political aisle have done for decades. The 2016 election was an event that I liken to that which our parents lived through with Pearl Harbor … the then Japanese nation attacked and awoke a sleeping giant.  As the following “unverified” statement so appropriately coined… “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

I truly believe we owe Clinton a moment of thanks.  Why?  Because after our silent majority allowed, for decades, those in public office to destroy our retirement accounts, escalate our national debt and reduce our constitution to nothing more than the paper it was written on, it was the arrogance of Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with the blatant about-face of President Obama, as to Hillary’s qualifications for the Presidency, awoke the sleeping giant of the America people again.

Many of our neighbors, some of our friends and even a few of our family would debate the fairness of the election outcome over the fact the election ended with Clinton receiving the popular vote “64.2 million vs. 62.2 million for Trump” yet Trump became our President Elect based upon the electoral vote.  The reality that I believe they are missing is this.  A large portion of our population vote with the media directing their opinion as well as based upon the influence of the negative campaign ads overwhelming our airways day and night.   Clinton outspent Trump almost 2 to 1.  She raised and spent almost $1.2 billion dollars vs Trump at $616 million.  To me, as a consumer advocate with a heart for our homeless, vets and elderly living on the streets or in conditions where they do not know how they will pay for their food or shelter tomorrow… $1.8 billion dollars spent on a Presidential race makes me want to vomit.

If Clinton and Trump had been matched dollar for dollar on their political Ad spend as well as if the major media outlets had not focused their sights on taking down Trump, I believe we would have seen a much greater popular vote for Trump.   Trump did play the crooked Hillary and sex starved Bill cards quite well which more than likely got him more votes.  However, the truth is this.  America, we the American people, needed a wake-up call and a call for action and change and we got it.   So, does Hillary need to be accountable for her alleged illegal actions which may have jeopardized the lives of Americans overseas and here at home,  YES!  If she is not called to account for these possible crimes will this derail America from becoming great again?  NO!  America will become great again because the vast majority of Americans are GREAT, WONDERFUL, COMPASSIONATE, GIVING PEOPLE, made up from every race, color and creed there is.  That is what makes us who we are.  We simply fell asleep in the car as we were being driven off course for a while by those we entrusted with our safety and our constitution.

I for one will not fall asleep again.   Will you?

Thank you for being a healthy part of the solution and a positive future for us all.  And may God bless America.


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Together we CAN make a difference! With our LostMoney

Is it truly possible for you to help change someone’s life without reaching into your pocket or writing a check?

The answer is yes.  As a matter of fact you can change the lives of hundreds if not thousands in a positive way simply by connecting your social media contacts with and The Wayne Foundation. #TheWayneFoundation #LostMoney

Help house our homeless.

There is over $1 trillion dollars in unclaimed property in the United States alone.  There is over $50 billion being held by the 50 states.

Our goal at The Wayne Foundation is to help Americans collect their lost money while providing an innovative process to fund dozens of worthwhile charities around the country.

We have averaged between $5 to $6 million each year in donations to non-profits that need your help in reaching their goals and serving their mission for being there for others.

I know each of my readers have a charity on their heart.  A charity that if they could write the check for a million dollars to save lives, change lives, feed the poor and provide shelter for our homeless, they would indeed do so.  Well this is your chance.  Contact our office today to discover how you can provide $1 million dollars to the charity or charities on your heart, simply by helping connect the dots and sharing the word.

Our holidays are quickly approaching and the winter months are upon us.  How do we change the world around us?  The same way the saying goes as to how to eat an Elephant.  One bite at a time.   So please take this step with me.  One step at a time.  Saving one life at a time.  Starting today.

God bless you and your efforts in making a positive change in this world.

Wayne Warrington

For more details as to how you can make a difference, please watch this TEDx Talk.


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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton – Election Day 2016 – The Battle Is On!

Make no mistake, we are in a war.  A war right here in America that is shaking the very foundation of our constitution. And the war is not between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

A war that is challenging our rights, destroying our way of life and placing a debt upon our children and grand-children for decades to come.  What is the answer?  Who is the right person to vote for?  At this point it no longer matters. The polls are open, more than 40% of Americans have voted and the results will soon be in.

Do not give up this right! Or any right afforded to you by the US Constitution.

Do not give up this right! Or any right afforded to you by the US Constitution.

However here is what does matter!  Today is NOT the end of the war.  We are simply involved in the first of many battles that will take place in order for Americans to WIN the war we are in.

Today’s election will establish who will become the next President of the United States.  Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Gary Johnson.  I added Mr. Johnson out of respect for his 4% plus of the population, which actually I should have add all candidates.   However we know either Clinton or Trump will be elected.   We also know that voter fraud is an issue and not one we will resolve today or anytime soon.  Yet, it is an issue that must be resolved in the future in order for Americans to feel secure in this democratic process.

So when I say we are in a war and today is merely a battle within the war… what am I referring to.

This election is the first ever to shake the foundation of Washington politics.  The vast majority of Americans are fed up with politics as usual and remaining with the status quo.

Our health care is a disaster.  Our national debt beyond imagination.  Many of our politicians, our leaders in Washington, are exchanging favors for money.  Our leading media outlets are in the game as well, no longer providing the news Americans need or deserve without the media’s special interests in the mix.

We have been under attack since before 2001 by individuals within our boarders, living among us, posing as faithful loving Americans that are hell bent on destroying our way of life and the very freedom we have enjoyed for over 200 years.   We have major powers within our nation and abroad pulling at each other, tearing our country apart and “We the People” are the pawns in their game of chess.

This is the war I speak of.   It is a revolution started, not by Donald Trump, but by those elected into positions of power that have abused such elected positions.  What Donald Trump has done is bring a very LOUD voice and a face to the revolution. The reality is.. it is not the face of Donald Trump that those abusing us should be concerned with.  It is the face of the American people. We the People will no longer stand by and listen to politicians fill our minds with promises, we will now hold them accountable.  And until America is great again, until America is united together as the greatest nation on earth, I believe this war will continue.

Most of my readers know me as Wayne Warrington the Consumer Advocate that does NOT take sides politically speaking.  I have served Americans for over 30 years now helping recover unclaimed property due to their families.  Hundreds of millions in fact.  I have never abused the communication rights of the 1 million plus consumers that have entrusted me with their contact information or family history.   I say this because I am about to take two steps, forward I believe, in my communications with the consumers that I am a working with.   I am a Christian man, a man of faith that believes everyone has a right to their belief in God no matter what their faith.  I love America and believe in our constitution and therefore I believe the rights of Americans are written in stone so to speak and that any politician – elected official that takes action to usurp our Constitutional rights must be removed from office and held accountable to the American people. Thus, I plan on a limited basis, to reach out to the consumers I am working with “as long as they have given me permission to do so” and discuss important issues that we face across the country.

No one likes a war.  Least of which someone like me that has a strong love for all God’s children no matter what race, color or creed. You and I may not agree on everything. We may not vote for the same individual to lead our city, state or country. However I am pretty sure we can agree on this.


Dear 2017 President, Congressman, Congresswoman, Senator, State Legislator, City Council Person

I have voted for you in this most recent election based upon your promise to protect my rights, such rights included within the constitution of these United States.   I expect you to keep your promise.  I expect you to perform the duties of your office with my best interests in mind and not yours.  I expect you to act in an honest and trustworthy manner that reflects the privilege and honor bestowed upon you as my elected official and that anything less you can expect my voice to be heard as to the call for your replacement.

Yours truly, American Citizen


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