Together we CAN make a difference! Stopping Cancer Now

It is difficult to know where to begin.  With the loss of a dear friend?  The survival of another?  The choices we have and yet do not make?  The underfunded research and programs that are needed to stop cancer from taking lives and destroying the lives of even more?

Let me start here.  With my dear friend of some 30 years, Ron Thompson. Wayne and Ron

Ron has always been an outspoken strong individual that has lived an amazing life in so many ways.  One of these ways is his battle with three (3) forms of cancer.   He survived and today we were able to enjoy lunch together to talk about the journey he has traveled in the treatment and recovery.He is every bit the man I knew of 10, 20 and 30 years ago, yet to him, he has lost a big part of life “not to mention part of a lung” to cancer.  His survival was due to the tremendous advancements in cancer treatment and research.  So to my friend Ron, I dedicate my journey in fighting cancer on June 4th, 2017.


Then there is my friend Robert Melton… my childhood friend for over 40 years, whose passing this year took so many of us by surprise and with our many regrets for the life, we would have loved to see Robert live for decades to come.  Robert was diagnosed with stage four cancer this year and within days was gone.  He was remembered by so many friends and family as being the giver.  Robert MeltonHis famous words… “I’ve got this!”   He gave to everyone and everyone was blessed by his friendship and love.  Yet cancer won and Robert lost, as did we all with his passing.

The interesting common thread with Ron and Robert is and was their love for life, for their friends and the strong cowboy lifestyle. Both these men had met their match with cancer because cancer does not care if you are a strong man, a beautiful woman or an innocent child.  Cancer takes lives or takes your life from you one part at a time.

I am writing to you now, to each of you reading this, to tell you we CAN make a difference, we can stop cancer in its tracks and we can reverse this terrible element in the lives of so many.  However, we must do so together. Through education, lifestyle change and through supporting amazing organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This is why last year as part of the LLS MWOY program I became a part of the LLS family.  This is why in just days from today, I will be riding in the 72 Mile cycling event at Lake Tahoe to raise awareness of the work LLS does for cancer victims and their families and in dedication to the memory of Robert Melton and in honor of my friend Ronald Thompson.

Please join me in this effort by making your tax-deductible donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  My goal is $5,600 and hopefully more through your generous donation.

BTW…. just a note.  If you ever thought cycling was an easy sport or activity well…. let’s just say this is my FIRST attempt at this distance and with 1000 foot inclines and I am thoroughly impressed by those that do this on a regular basis such as our LLS Team in Training Chairperson Jennifer Swanton. This training for the ride is kicking my… back side!

As for when this event is over, I will be returning to Arizona to launch our new Health and Wellness program at our Mesa facilities under the branding of Personal Formula. I truly believe that there is a personal formula for each of us to apply to our life to help us be the best we are meant to be in health, fitness and overall wellness. Thank you for helping us together make this difference.


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The Challenges We Face

ID THEFT OF CONSUMER ADVOCATEThese past 12 months have been challenging to say the least. The wonders of faith though bring us through the fire in one piece.

As most all of us know, ID Theft has become one of the most damaging forms of crime today. With over 15 million victims a year and over $50 billion in damages. This last year I became part of those statistics. My personal ID and my public persona were both stolen from me. I had credit and credit cards issued to a third party using my name and identification and I had my professional image duplicated online and so tens of thousands of consumers across North America were scammed by a man “individuals” that pretended to be me. They used my name, my pictures, my videos, my client testimonials and more to entice consumers to pay them fees for the work I do for free.

I felt violated beyond imagination. I worked tirelessly with my attorneys, law enforcement and other organizations and government departments to put a stop to this criminal’s actions. It took eight months before the dust settled and still the website created by that individual or group was still live on the Internet. Why? Because the website was being maintained on servers in China and the Chinese Government refused to co-operate in taking it down. However, we were fortunate that Google and other private organizations that were being used to perpetuate the scams by this individual or group of individuals came to the table to help minimize the damages to consumers nationwide.




There is nothing more damaging than losing your persona to criminals online.  This type of criminal activity must be stopped.

Attorney General Letter As of 2017 I am working with two of the top organizations for the protection of consumers from ID Theft as well as recovery from the potential damages that consumers would face when their ID and persona have be stolen.

If you would like more information on how to protect yourself from ID Theft and how to help in this fight against cyber criminals, please contact me for my upcoming consumer report ID Theft and your options.

Best Regards, Wayne


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Send Hillary to Jail or Thank Her?


I keep seeing the postings on social media about Trump haters or Hillary belongs in jail.  Photos such as this being posted to continue to drive the divide in our nation and people.

Image result for America will never be great again until Hillary is in jail



America WILL be great again because the silent “and at times sleeping” majority have spoken. Clinton and Obama attacked America with a self serving agenda for the past eight years, just as many from the other side of the political aisle have done for decades. The 2016 election was an event that I liken to that which our parents lived through with Pearl Harbor … the then Japanese nation attacked and awoke a sleeping giant.  As the following “unverified” statement so appropriately coined… “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

I truly believe we owe Clinton a moment of thanks.  Why?  Because after our silent majority allowed, for decades, those in public office to destroy our retirement accounts, escalate our national debt and reduce our constitution to nothing more than the paper it was written on, it was the arrogance of Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with the blatant about-face of President Obama, as to Hillary’s qualifications for the Presidency, awoke the sleeping giant of the America people again.

Many of our neighbors, some of our friends and even a few of our family would debate the fairness of the election outcome over the fact the election ended with Clinton receiving the popular vote “64.2 million vs. 62.2 million for Trump” yet Trump became our President Elect based upon the electoral vote.  The reality that I believe they are missing is this.  A large portion of our population vote with the media directing their opinion as well as based upon the influence of the negative campaign ads overwhelming our airways day and night.   Clinton outspent Trump almost 2 to 1.  She raised and spent almost $1.2 billion dollars vs Trump at $616 million.  To me, as a consumer advocate with a heart for our homeless, vets and elderly living on the streets or in conditions where they do not know how they will pay for their food or shelter tomorrow… $1.8 billion dollars spent on a Presidential race makes me want to vomit.

If Clinton and Trump had been matched dollar for dollar on their political Ad spend as well as if the major media outlets had not focused their sights on taking down Trump, I believe we would have seen a much greater popular vote for Trump.   Trump did play the crooked Hillary and sex starved Bill cards quite well which more than likely got him more votes.  However, the truth is this.  America, we the American people, needed a wake-up call and a call for action and change and we got it.   So, does Hillary need to be accountable for her alleged illegal actions which may have jeopardized the lives of Americans overseas and here at home,  YES!  If she is not called to account for these possible crimes will this derail America from becoming great again?  NO!  America will become great again because the vast majority of Americans are GREAT, WONDERFUL, COMPASSIONATE, GIVING PEOPLE, made up from every race, color and creed there is.  That is what makes us who we are.  We simply fell asleep in the car as we were being driven off course for a while by those we entrusted with our safety and our constitution.

I for one will not fall asleep again.   Will you?

Thank you for being a healthy part of the solution and a positive future for us all.  And may God bless America.


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Together we CAN make a difference! With our LostMoney

Is it truly possible for you to help change someone’s life without reaching into your pocket or writing a check?

The answer is yes.  As a matter of fact you can change the lives of hundreds if not thousands in a positive way simply by connecting your social media contacts with and The Wayne Foundation. #TheWayneFoundation #LostMoney

Help house our homeless.

There is over $1 trillion dollars in unclaimed property in the United States alone.  There is over $50 billion being held by the 50 states.

Our goal at The Wayne Foundation is to help Americans collect their lost money while providing an innovative process to fund dozens of worthwhile charities around the country.

We have averaged between $5 to $6 million each year in donations to non-profits that need your help in reaching their goals and serving their mission for being there for others.

I know each of my readers have a charity on their heart.  A charity that if they could write the check for a million dollars to save lives, change lives, feed the poor and provide shelter for our homeless, they would indeed do so.  Well this is your chance.  Contact our office today to discover how you can provide $1 million dollars to the charity or charities on your heart, simply by helping connect the dots and sharing the word.

Our holidays are quickly approaching and the winter months are upon us.  How do we change the world around us?  The same way the saying goes as to how to eat an Elephant.  One bite at a time.   So please take this step with me.  One step at a time.  Saving one life at a time.  Starting today.

God bless you and your efforts in making a positive change in this world.

Wayne Warrington

For more details as to how you can make a difference, please watch this TEDx Talk.


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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton – Election Day 2016 – The Battle Is On!

Make no mistake, we are in a war.  A war right here in America that is shaking the very foundation of our constitution. And the war is not between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

A war that is challenging our rights, destroying our way of life and placing a debt upon our children and grand-children for decades to come.  What is the answer?  Who is the right person to vote for?  At this point it no longer matters. The polls are open, more than 40% of Americans have voted and the results will soon be in.

Do not give up this right! Or any right afforded to you by the US Constitution.

Do not give up this right! Or any right afforded to you by the US Constitution.

However here is what does matter!  Today is NOT the end of the war.  We are simply involved in the first of many battles that will take place in order for Americans to WIN the war we are in.

Today’s election will establish who will become the next President of the United States.  Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Gary Johnson.  I added Mr. Johnson out of respect for his 4% plus of the population, which actually I should have add all candidates.   However we know either Clinton or Trump will be elected.   We also know that voter fraud is an issue and not one we will resolve today or anytime soon.  Yet, it is an issue that must be resolved in the future in order for Americans to feel secure in this democratic process.

So when I say we are in a war and today is merely a battle within the war… what am I referring to.

This election is the first ever to shake the foundation of Washington politics.  The vast majority of Americans are fed up with politics as usual and remaining with the status quo.

Our health care is a disaster.  Our national debt beyond imagination.  Many of our politicians, our leaders in Washington, are exchanging favors for money.  Our leading media outlets are in the game as well, no longer providing the news Americans need or deserve without the media’s special interests in the mix.

We have been under attack since before 2001 by individuals within our boarders, living among us, posing as faithful loving Americans that are hell bent on destroying our way of life and the very freedom we have enjoyed for over 200 years.   We have major powers within our nation and abroad pulling at each other, tearing our country apart and “We the People” are the pawns in their game of chess.

This is the war I speak of.   It is a revolution started, not by Donald Trump, but by those elected into positions of power that have abused such elected positions.  What Donald Trump has done is bring a very LOUD voice and a face to the revolution. The reality is.. it is not the face of Donald Trump that those abusing us should be concerned with.  It is the face of the American people. We the People will no longer stand by and listen to politicians fill our minds with promises, we will now hold them accountable.  And until America is great again, until America is united together as the greatest nation on earth, I believe this war will continue.

Most of my readers know me as Wayne Warrington the Consumer Advocate that does NOT take sides politically speaking.  I have served Americans for over 30 years now helping recover unclaimed property due to their families.  Hundreds of millions in fact.  I have never abused the communication rights of the 1 million plus consumers that have entrusted me with their contact information or family history.   I say this because I am about to take two steps, forward I believe, in my communications with the consumers that I am a working with.   I am a Christian man, a man of faith that believes everyone has a right to their belief in God no matter what their faith.  I love America and believe in our constitution and therefore I believe the rights of Americans are written in stone so to speak and that any politician – elected official that takes action to usurp our Constitutional rights must be removed from office and held accountable to the American people. Thus, I plan on a limited basis, to reach out to the consumers I am working with “as long as they have given me permission to do so” and discuss important issues that we face across the country.

No one likes a war.  Least of which someone like me that has a strong love for all God’s children no matter what race, color or creed. You and I may not agree on everything. We may not vote for the same individual to lead our city, state or country. However I am pretty sure we can agree on this.


Dear 2017 President, Congressman, Congresswoman, Senator, State Legislator, City Council Person

I have voted for you in this most recent election based upon your promise to protect my rights, such rights included within the constitution of these United States.   I expect you to keep your promise.  I expect you to perform the duties of your office with my best interests in mind and not yours.  I expect you to act in an honest and trustworthy manner that reflects the privilege and honor bestowed upon you as my elected official and that anything less you can expect my voice to be heard as to the call for your replacement.

Yours truly, American Citizen


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2016 Presidential Election Results

The most important election in contemporary history is in two days. 

And the results may simply surprise a lot of people.  Why?  Because main stream media may simply be leading us like sheep.

Virtually every national poll over the past two months has been pointing to Clinton has holding a sizable lead.  A lead that historically would have had an impact on American voters by staying home on election day.  Why go vote when your candidate is behind by double digits!


The wall had Trump supporters across it.

The problem for those supporting the Clinton campaign through these polling efforts is two fold.  First they never counted on the level of commitment Trump supporters represent.  And secondly they under estimated the power of the Internet and Social Media exposure which provides voters with a whole different story than that which is being fed to us as Americans.

During October while I was traveling across the country, I noticed something quite interesting.  It was the number of Trump signs in front yards and bumper stickers for Trump on cars vs those supporting Clinton.   In many areas it was a 5 to 1 ratio in favor of Trump.  In some areas, there was literally no evidence of support for Clinton.
Then at a conference I attended in Atlanta with over 200,000 business people and workers from the retail markets, there was a 70 plus foot political display that had tons of hand written notes from supporters for Trump and only two supporter comments for Clinton.  This was very curious to me since as I sat in my hotel room at night watching the news and the new poll results, the media was continuing to report the polling in favor of Clinton. #HillaryClinton

When I returned to Arizona, I started doing a little digging online and discovered another interesting indication as to the level of support “or the lack thereof” for Hillary Clinton.  It was in the form of attendance at her rallies.

Trump and Clinton Rallies

Which one seems to have more excitement and committed voters?

REALLY…. Trump fills stadiums to the point where he has to agree that he will start limiting attendance, and then there is Clinton that has a difficult time getting a few hundred in attendance to show up at most of her rallies.  Of course there are some Clinton rallies where more sizable attendance is virtually guaranteed. Why?  Because people are attending to see one of their favorite performers or Hollywood Stars.

So what is Wayne’s Take on the current poll?   Here you go….
The US Presidential Election Results 2016

There is a lot of red in this map and way more than any mainstream media outlet would ever provide, however here is my rational.

  1. My travels in other states showed 5 to 1 support for Trump.
  2. My individual polling of voters show virtually the same level of support for Trump over Clinton.
  3. The early voting polls are driven by the fact that Clinton has been holding rallies, according to her team, at or around early voting facilities and they have been busing their supporters to the voting places to get in the early votes in.  Great strategic move, yet in the end not enough.
  4. The controversies Clinton is covered with as to: the FBI investigation, the Clinton Foundation Donations from foreign governments, her cover up of her husband’s affairs are for many the final straw(s) as to her history of abuse while in public office.
  5. 80% of Americans are simply fed up with the status quo of Washington politics and they are demanding a change.  Those on the fence will either vote for Trump with fingers crossed that he is the change needed, or they will vote for  the Green party candidate or Gary Johnson as a way of expressing their disgust for how our elected officials in Washington have destroyed our country and saddled our children and grand children with a massive national debt that if not corrected NOW, we will never be able to recover from without tremendous sacrifice for generations to come.  #DonaldTrump
  6.  Americans want to move forward, want a great country that is as free as possible from corruption and to even think that we could be electing a President, to the highest office in the land, that has one or more criminal indictments looming over her is simply more than we can think of at this stage in our history.

And here is my TAKE as to if the election results do NOT come out very close to the map I presented to the right.  #WaynesTake

If Trump does not win the election then I would sincerely believe our election process has been rigged as Trump and many others are suggesting.   It is possible to hack and manipulate election results.  We know this from the experts and this is nothing new. What we as Americans hope and pray for is for the election process to be honest, fair and elected officials are to be held accountable.  As I stated in my opening here…. this is the most important election in contemporary history.  The next sitting President of the United States will be shaping our future for generations to come.  We will either become one of the greatest nations in the world again, respected by our allies and leading the way for humanity throughout the world, or if we follow the same path the current administration has taken us down, we will continue to lose our position within the world’s economy, currency markets and military strength.

Finally, I am providing a LINK HERE to a very clear cut report from the CAA as to each of the political candidates for President.  What I would ask all of my readers to do over the next two days is this.  First…. read the report and read the history on the candidates and then GO AND VOTE!   Vote for the change we need to bring our country together again and make our country great again. #2016Election

Thank you and God Bless America.

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The Presidential Debate -Winner & Loser

So tonight is our third Presidential Debate. Who Won?

As I write this article I watched with troubled heart the third Presidential debate.  I have been asked over and over again as to my opinion as to who won each debate and my reply is pretty much the same each time.

Clinton – WINNER

Trump – WINNER

American People – LOSERS

Our country is in trouble. Our real unemployment rate could be as high as  18-20%.(1) The support for our small business owner is at the lowest ever in the history of our country. There is no credit available to the small business owner and some 20 t0 30% (2) of our country has been convinced that it is OK for the government to provide socialistic programs instead of allowing our communities to support those in need by providing them with a hand up vs a hand out.

Washington DC has fallen into a state of corruption and ruled by a few powerful groups – families that control our money system. This is nothing new, the decline started decades ago and we the people have allowed it.  So there is no use whining about it.  We simply must do something about it, and… we are.  Just look at the millions upon millions of Americans that support a Trump Administration.  This has to tell everyone in politics that we the people are fed up with the status quo and it is time for a change.

Unfortunately the change needed may still not to be obtainable through this election.  If career politicians continue to lead the way, with a self serving agenda, then nothing will change. It will only get worse.

My personal history in working with our government, politics through family members, and over 30 years helping consumers right the wrongs against them has me at a distinct advantage over most when it comes to a clearer understanding of how our system of government does not work and where the holes are in the system.

What is my take on all this.  Simply this.

We absolutely need term limits.  One such term is that of the President of the United States.  ONE term of 6 years!  One chance for the President to leave a legacy that is a direct reflection of their ability to live up to their campaign promises and NOT be distracted by the need to spend half of their 4 years in office campaigning for the next 4 years.  The current structure of the President’s term in office is a formula for failure. Failure to the people of the United States.

The news media is already predicting the election results.  How sad.  We need one thing to happen this November. We need everyone that has the right to vote, to do so.  We need our elected officials to know we are tired of the status quo and the debt they are creating for  our children’s children.   Can we recover from the past two decades of bad policies and debt that each administration has left us with?  Yes. However, it will only happen if we exercise our right to vote and to remove those in office that are corrupt and that have failed to live up to the promises they made us to get elected.

Please VOTE, please help Make America Great Again.   Remember, Together we CAN make a difference!

God bless you all and God bless America.   Wayne




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What America Needs Now

Whatever you may be thinking, let’s get one thing straight.  America does NOT need another career politician.

We have been losing ground for the past 50 to 100 years.  We are no longer the strongest, most powerful nation in the world.  And indeed, we should be and can be again.  However it will never happen with career politicians playing business as usual in Washington D.C.

If you read through my posts, articles and reports over the past 10 years you will find my writings to be absent any political overtones or strong opinions of local or national candidates. My position as a consumer advocate has directed me to be middle of the road and stay clear of the right or left on Capitol Hill. Basically, I can only be effective at my work for consumers if I do not “tick” anyone off in office.  I have been approached virtually every year to lend a hand, provide an endorsement or otherwise voice my support for one candidate or another.  This is not because I have the ear of millions, I simply provide one more “assumably” creditable source for candidates to point to in media or online searches.  However, I am writing today and voicing my personal opinion after reading this endorsement for Hillary Rodham Clinton as our next President of the United States.  This simply made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and had me reeling in my chair.

Hillary Clinton Career Politician

Disclaimer: Back 5 years ago I did lend my support to a local candidate for the office of County Attorney, based solely upon his heartfelt position in saving the lives of those being abducted and transported over the boarder from Mexico into Arizona.  That was the last and only endorsement I have made since my decision to serve Americans as their advocate.

So in keeping with my history of staying in the middle ground, let me say this article is NOT a measure to bash Hillary Clinton.  I am not a fan, supporter nor do I plan on voting for her in this coming election.   My choice of candidate for the Presidency will remain my own.

However with that said, here is why I would strongly hesitate to vote for Hillary or any other candidate for any office in Washington D.C. that has been in office “politic” during the past 10, 20, 30 years or more.

Simply put, the system is broken.  Our country is bankrupt and it was the leaders we elected into office over the past several decades that put us here. It was not Uncle James the local baker in town, or Bob the mechanic down the street, or Susan the real estate agent we see each month at chamber meetings, or Pastor Joel that talks to us about faith on Sundays. Our lives, our livelihood, our children’s future and that of our grandchildren have been systematically destroyed over the “business as usual” politics being played out in our nation’s capitol.   For most of you reading this, you may agree based upon your own personal take and experience with how your life and finances have been hit so hard over the past decade.  Or simply you have watched as our national debt has gone from billions of dollars to $21 trillion dollars and with no possible answer in view as to how to reverse this process.  For those of you that have yet to realize what I am referring to as the “career politician”, let me provide these personal insights.  And… hopefully non of my dearly departed relatives will turn over in their graves as I write this.

Our country became great because James the local baker, Bob the wagon fixer, Pastor Joel and even Susan the store clerk “when at a time her personal options were limited” each took it upon themselves as Americans to step up to the table to make our nation great.  To fight to ensure our liberties, preserve our freedom and protect our future. The majority of those in congress and the While House ran for office to serve a term necessary to fulfill an objective and it had NOTHING to do with their personal benefit, securing public speaking gigs or retiring with more wealth than they had when they started.  However today Washington D.C. is filled with career politicians that started as Hillary did running for office in College and she has never stopped running and she has become a part of the Washington machine.  When she gets into trouble she calls upon political favors to bail herself out.  When she is confronted with a difficult question as to why we lost the lives of our troops she calls upon the curtain that interestingly covers up the wrongs or mistakes that happen every day in the world of politics.

What we need “IMHO” are Americans that have no other objection than to fix the broken system we have and save our child or grandchildren from the future we have saddled them with.  I say we saddled them with, because it was during our watch that many of our elected officials ran afoul from the oath of office they took.   We can fix America.  We simply need to elect the right people to office and hold them accountable to do the job they were elected to do.

In closing this is my food for thought.  Donald Trump is not just running for office, he is the front runner at this point.   He does NOT need the job. As a matter of fact I can not for the life of me think of anyone that would want the job as President, considering the massive mess and cleanup our next President will face.  This is why it is NOT simply the Presidency that requires a fresh view by a non-career politician, it is as many seats we can replace in congress as well.

How do I know all this?  Why is my opinion so strong on this issue?  Because I grew up there. In Washington D.C. with family members and family friends in most every level of government.  I grew up in the middle of the political machine. I was being groomed for it and thank God I was redirect to the consumer side of the equation where I do my best to protect and preserve consumer rights not take them away.  So all I ask is this….. before you vote, think about why the person you are voting for is running for office and are they truly for change, not just business as usual, or are you helping put into office someone that will continue the next eight (8) years of increased debt, increased government oversight, decreased consumer rights and basically same old same old philosophy that placed us where we are today.

What America needs is you… and your vote. The choice is yours and remember… “Together we CAN make a difference!”   God bless America.

Your consumer advocate, Wayne Warrington




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2016 Man of the Year Nominee

As we enter 2016, I was honored to be nominated for the Man of the Year Award for the Arizona Chapter of Leukemia & Lymphoma Society MWOY (LLS MWOY)

In accepting this nomination I have pledged to be of ongoing support to LLS in their fund raising efforts to move forward the many national and local projects they have in the works this year.

As there are no means of preventing or early screening for most blood cancers, the LLS research agenda is focused on finding cures. LLS drives research in areas of unmet medical need, and helps to bridge the gap between academic discovery and drug development. LLS identifies and funds the most promising blood cancer research projects and forges partnerships with academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of new therapies.   Wayne Warrington accepts nomination as 2016 Man of the Year

Patient Access: LLS is the leading source of free, highly specialized blood cancer information, education and support for patients, survivors, families and healthcare professionals. LLS touch patients in their communities through our chapters across the U.S. and Canada. LLS’s team are advocates for blood cancer survivors and their families, helping patients navigate their cancer treatments and ensuring they have access to quality, affordable and coordinated care.

LLS recognizes that finding cures is not enough; we need to ensure that patients have access to the treatments, services and providers they need to live longer, better, healthier lives. LLS is dedicated to removing barriers to care. By providing our network of advocates a powerful voice, the Policy and Advocacy Team drives policies that accelerate the development and approval of innovative treatments and ensure that patients have sustainable access to quality, affordable coordinated care. Our team is committed to ensuring that patients have access to adequate network of providers and services and are protected from high out-of-pocket costs that limit access to life-saving treatments.

As a nominee for the MWOY award, I wish to thank in advance all those individuals they are supporting this effort and the work LLS does across the country.  The team of business professionals that I have selected to aid me in this fund raising efforts are truly compassionate individuals whose lives are a testament to our humanity and positive support of outreach programs such as these.

For additional information on how you too can support this worthwhile organization, please contact me through my office in Arizona.   May God’s blessings for success in our efforts be with us and for the final cure of blood cancers to be found.

Wishing all a great 2016 ahead.  Wayne

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To Attorney, or not to Attorney – that is the Question

I for one have spend over two decades supporting consumer rights and doing my best to guide many through the maze of difficult situations without the need to engage the services of legal counsel.  It has seemed clear to me that bringing an attorney in on the negotiations, or even simply the communication stages, of conflicts between parties serves with a negative result far more times than a positive one.

Well I followed my own advice recently and discovered this advice simply does not apply in times where you have been in an auto accident and you are faced with damage claims against the other driver’s insurance company. Or at least in my case if the other insurance company is State Farm Insurance.

I had a rear end collision as I sat at an intersection waiting for traffic to clear.  The car that hit me from behind simply failed to stop and as a result I sustained, while hopefully not permanent, significant injuries to my neck, back and head.

As the injuries started to reveal themselves, as they do slowly after this type of accident, I was told by several friends and even a family member to absolutely go see an attorney to handle the claim.  I was hesitant for several reasons.  First because of my occupation as a consumer advocate where basically I deal with these types of cases all the time, and because I initially did not think the damages were going to last as long as they did and third because State Farm Insurance was for over a decade a client of mine and for some seemly insane reason I felt still connected or at least a sense of loyalty to the company.  So with respect to “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there…”  NOT IN MY CASE!  Be aware of bad faith actions by insurance companies.

Well, ultimately I did interview two attorneys and both as they reviewed the details of the case said this should be a very easy matter to resolve… we just need to wait for your doctors and medical advisers finish their work and when you are feeling better we can submit the claim.   One of the attorneys even called the adjuster for State Farm while I was in his office and inquired for me as to the status of the claim and the coverage of a rental car.   During that call which was on speaker phone, the adjuster after pulling up the claim stated… “Yes sir, we have the claim here and we have accepted 100% liability for the accident and I will call the rental company to let them know it is covered.”   Needless to say, these conversations did nothing but reassure me that I could handle this matter on my own and without need to pay 33% to an attorney…. since obviously I am a bright guy and can submit the bills on my own.

WELL that mind set became a nightmare for me over the next 2 months.  As soon as the insurance company received a letter from the attorney telling them that I had cancelled the retention of their services, it was one delay, one promise after another, week after week.  They even sent me a letter, after I complained about the delays, saying they were reassigning my claim to an adjuster “assumable” to get the claim back on track, however the first thing that adjuster told me “after apologizing for the delays I had received” was that she was pretty backed up on cases and would not be able to look at mine for a week.

Then after a month of delays with the “new” adjuster, I was pushed all the way to the point where I made mistake number two!  I became so frustrated by the delays and the fact I even received a collection call from one of the medical providers, that I reached out to the State Farm adjuster and told her… ” I am now getting damaged by these delays and headed for collections!” 

This was NOT the thing to tell an insurance company adjuster whose job is to minimize the amount they pay out on every claim possible.  All of a sudden the claim status went from… We will have this all taken care of by tomorrow and get you a check directly into your bank account to….. we need more time to review the claim and it does not appear the damage to your car reflects enough damage where your injuries match up!  REALLY!!!  REALLY!  I was now experiencing pain and suffering which was from the claims process… after I had already experienced the pain and suffering from the accident itself.  The only problem is … the insurance company was creating this round of pain and suffering and in speaking with counsel this is what they do when they see the opportunity to exploit claimant’s financial situation caused by their loss of work, medical bills etc.

So… To Attorney, or not to Attorney – that is the question.  And the answer is HECK yes…. get one the day you are in an accident and just let them do their job.  33%? It is well worth it when you consider the pain and suffering you will go through just talking with an adjuster that sounds like they want to help you when in reality they are just waiting for that moment where you disclose any weakness where they can use the weakness to force you into a position of settling for pennies on your claim vs actually receiving what you should from the injuries you incurred by their insured.

I am fortunate that I could resolve my medical bills and put this matter behind me.  The attorneys also offered me a discount since my file was so well prepared and organized… so that will save me thousands in the process.   However for those that are in accidents and do not know what to do next or how to document your claim and your injuries, well for you… email me.  I am preparing a consumer report for accident victims that will keep you from making any of the top 10 mistakes when processing your claim and show you how to: identify bad faith issues with the insurance company, avoid delays from insurance claims, select an attorney and how NOT to allow the insurance company, whether it is State Farm or other, to take advantage of you when you are down and broken from an accident.

Wishing all my readers well and peace through any trials such as these.  Your pain and suffering can be over before you know it… just do not allow an insurance company to deal with you in bad faith.  BTW, do you know the legal definition of BAD FAITH or what constitutes bad faith by an insurance company?  It may surprise you and it is covered in my consumer report.    To receive a copy of my report for only $17.95, contact me through my CONTACT page link above.  The report cost to regular clients, based upon the normal rates would be $1,250.00 … however I prepared this for all consumers wanting the answers so the cost is on the minimal published rate.  I know you will benefit from it and it can save you thousands on your claim too.


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