Consumer Advocate Wayne Warrington Testimonials


Dear friends, Thank you for visiting with me here online. 2014 and now 2015 have truly been amazing years of growth and new developments for the consumer services I put into place some eight years ago.  I have been truly blessed to be of service to well over 1 million consumers across the country and through their pay-it-forward attitudes they have in turn blessed many others.  In response to my work and interactions with others, I have received some very kind and generous testimonials which are reflected below. To each of these wonderful people I give my thanks and appreciation. As we entered the last half of 2015, I was honored to be asked to speak at a TEDx event and now to serve as the Organizer for the 2016 TEDx event in Fountain Hills Arizona. I am hopeful that my talk on "Making a Change with Your Lost Money" will serve to inspire thousands of individuals across the country to join in our efforts to raise money for worthwhile charities and humanitarian causes for years to come.   ~ Wayne Warrington 

“During my business career, I have worked with hundreds of business leaders and CEOs. It is uncommon to find someone as innovative and intuitive as Wayne Warrington that volunteers the majority of his time and energy to those less fortunate. His dedication to improving and inspiring the lives of others is applaudable.” 

 Daune Thompson – Success Coach, Trainer, Speaker

"Wayne Warrington and I share a common vision, to shine a light on the best of human behavior for the sole purpose of encouraging human goodness and decency. As Founder of the Human Angel Movement, I applaud LOST MONEY in its mission to reconnect people with their money and inspire them to help worthwhile charities across America."


John Shimer Founder, Angels In The Neighborhood


"As Wayne's book editor as well as a long-time friend for over 20 years I have witnessed the fact that he's spent many volunteer hours assisting others to reach their highest and best good. He helps people through his LostMoney site--as well as helping them find their own unique worth!"

Mary Holden – Professional Editor, Writer


"My wages had been wrongfully garnished by the government. With one letter from Wayne Warrington, addressed to the right person, my problem had stopped and I was promptly reimbursed for the monies owed me. I am grateful to Mr. Warrington for his help and knowledge. He solved an ongoing problem that hurt my life for over a year. I would recommend Mr. Warrington to anyone as I have seen him help many people with frustrating problems."


Bill P. – Consumer


"In the month of May I found myself in a desperate position due to a used car bad situation. Not knowing what to do or where to turn I was referred to a "consumer advocate- Wayne Warrington" he was great! Problem solved. You don't always need to turn to an attorney for financial situations to be resolved!!! "

Kelly T. Consumer


"I am happy to recommend the services of Wayne Warrington and his non profit consumer group for the recovery of unclaimed property in the USA. His services are a worthwhile part of any estate planning effort. "

Christine Forakis Estate Attorney Phoenix, Az


"Mr. Wayne Warrington is the real deal.  He truly has a heart for people.  Brilliant mentor, friend and encourager.  The kinda guy who will brighten your day! "


Monica Martin – Author, VP Marketing


"During my 30 years experience as an Attorney, Author and Entrepreneur I have been blessed to represent, mentor and form friendships with tens of thousands of people. Very rarely do you find a person with the unique skills and genuine approach to life that Wayne Warrington possesses.


As a Consumer Advocate Wayne has helped countless people to recover Millions of Dollars from large corporations, banks and from the government through his phenomenal website LostMoney Dotcom.


As an entrepreneur, simply put, Wayne is a visionary. He has the ability to see and understand trends, consumer preferences and he holds insights into the future of networking and communications that will shift entire industries.


Wayne’s greatest works however come as a humanitarian, having raised millions of dollars for countless charities across the globe…all done in an understated and modest manner. His commitment to the evolution of the human spirit through his contributions in business and in life are matched by very few people.


It is my pleasure to call Wayne my friend. I am continuously amazed by the contributions he makes to humanity and I am looking forward to playing an active role in his continued achievements."


John Alexandrov – CEO- REIC,  Author - Affirmations of Wealth


“Wayne has been of service to me on a LostMoney issue . He has diligently guided my effort to recover the funds. I would have not been unaware of this situation if not for Wayne.”

Frank S. Ferrara  – CEO Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce


"When I was first introduced to the free consumer services provided by LostMoney I was skeptical as to how I would actually have any unclaimed property available to me. I was also fairly confident over my ability as a business owner for 20 years to be able to navigate my way through the process of claiming any money, if there was any, due to me. To my surprise, was able to connect me with accounts that belong to me.  To my amazement, the claims process through the State government can be frustrating and time consuming to say the least.  I now see the tremendous benefit of using, which clears through much of the red tape and hurdles that seem to be placed in front of consumers to recover what is theirs in the first place.  I believe so much in the consumer services provided by Wayne Warrington and, that I am actively pursuing ways to connect all of my company's clients with these invaluable services."

 Steven Stern CEO, My Retirement Direct


I wish to take a minute to thank you for being a part of the change we can make together in our world today.  By working with our pay-it-forward model, we have discovered in years past that consumers have contributed on average 5 to 6 million dollars a year to worthwhile charities and humanitarian efforts.

While not everyone can afford to make a donation, I only ask that you consider the opportunity available to you to reach out to those in need with a hand UP using the lost money you have been able to recover through my free consumer services.  If you would like to learn more about the wonderful charities we are supporting in the years to come, please take a moment to watch this short videoo

Wishing you peace, good health and happiness always.  And with God's blessings to you.  

Your friend, Wayne Warrington